Tailor made solutions

Developing customized platforms, leveraging our vast experience in digital payments.

Think through

We work closely with our clients to identify their needs, opportunities and implement the optimal solution.


We create prototypes quickly, so that the client can evaluate and approve them before implementation.


We develop the approved prototype in weeks, so that the client can achieve the desired time-to-market.

Success story

We developed a VIP-benefits access system for American Express. In addition, we digitalized the verification process, and built-in the option to offer direct purchase of  extra-benefits.


American Express offers a wide range of card-linked benefits, however, at the time, the redemption and controls were manually done. This demanded great deal of resources and was driving inneficiency.


We developed a platform that allows cardholders to make their reservations online  while accessing in-person benefits at the same time, if desired. Additionally, through our backend module, American Express have complete control over the redemptions and benefits provided.

To validate and sell passes in VIP lounges and AmEx Invites events.
To create events, manage users and make reservations.
Statistics panel
To track the use of passes and sales made.
Reservations system
Manage reservations for events, airport lounges and parking.

Because of the solution developed by GeoPayments, American Express achieved:

Substantial improvement in customer service and satisfaction metrics.
Provide an innovative digital experience.
Access accurate information to evaluate the success rate of the benefits.
Deeper knowledge of their customer base and those who access the benefits offered.
Improve their value proposition.

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